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About me huh, well, I work full time in a job that is fun but not so much rewarding. I have a boyfriend whom I love more and more everyday despite the fact that he is messy and lazy. I have 2 dogs that I adore and just acquired a 7 month old puppy that I am despising more and more every day. I go to school at DeVry and it is actaully going well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First and Foremost....

First and Foremost... My first tribute to life- thanks for not making more time in the day.
The things that I could do if I had maybe an extra 10 hours to my day. First would be get a second job. I need money. I never seem to have enough money. That will be talked about in maybe my second tribute to life. He he. I would blog more in my days in that extra 10 hours. I would study more and have a 4.0 in college. I would get back to running. That was fun, please refer to Marissa's blog for more info on that bit of life experience. I may blog on that later. See, I need more hours! I could workout, I could be a better cook, I could be a better me. All in all, we need more time in the day.
A possible solution to this lack of time would be to simply do away with money. I think if people did not need money, we would not have to work and that would give us 40 hours at least during the week to enjoy each other and do lots of things. America could develop just 1 car and every family get one of those cars to use to go places. The car would be free. It could be built on volunteer time for those people that just might HAVE to do something with their hands. Everything else could be free. Travel costs, free. Food cost, free. Electricity, water, utilities, free. I think this would be a great idea.

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